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Legalne zatrudnienie

You work for us and our partners in Wroclaw legally. You have an agreement, all documents and insurance.

Dobre zarobki

We offer attractive salary, bonuses and regular payouts. You can earn up to 28 PLN per hour. The number of working hours in the month depends on you.

Elastyczny grafik

You can choose when you work. We make sure that your work is appropriately planned and paid. You decide whether you work all week or only on specific days.

Regularne wypłaty

Your salary is paid regularly, always on time and always on your bank account.

Profesjonalne środki czystości
Professional cleaning

We provide you with all necessary tools and cleaning supplies. We will teach you how to use them to clean up quickly and precisely. You will not incur any additional costs.

Zaufany pracodawca

There are already hundreds of people who work for us. Every day they clean up apartments and offices in Wroclaw. Join us today.

Our experts about work at Pozamiatane Pozamiatane.pl

Jan Kowalski

I have been working for Pozamiatane for several years now and I can always count on regular payouts and fixed, attractive hourly rates. It is also important for me that it is a stable, regular and legal work. Cleaning at convenient locations also saves time on commuting.

Aleksander 5 years of experience

Karolina Kowal

I don’t have time to work at regular hours. Flexible schedule helps me to combine work with home duties. I only accept orders near my house but still I can’t complain about the lack of work!

Halina 3 years of experience

Monika Kowalska

I was looking for a job for long time, then I came up with an idea: cleaning. Warsaw is a place where it is difficult to find a permanent employment, so it is worth to work for Pozamiatane.pl. Legal employment, flexible schedule and regular payouts - this is a dream job!

Inna 6 years of experience

Join our cleaning team!

Do you want to become one of our trusted cleaners? If you are interested in working as a cleaner, in Wroclaw you have the chance to get many orders! We ensure flexible schedule, attractive hourly rates and bonuses. You will always be paid without any delays. We will also provide you with the cleaning supplies. Working with us is easy because you do not have to waste your time on looking for clients or long commutes to other districts.

Do you have experience in cleaning? Do you speak Polish? We are looking for you! But even if you do not have written references but you feel that a cleaning job is for you, come to us! You will soon get many permanent orders and you will start enjoying attractive salary that is always paid on time.

Pozamiatane.pl is an internet platform that connects clients with trustworthy cleaners. We allow people to find a cleaning specialist who can help them get organized. That can be you! We have clients from all over Tricity and we are growing very fast, therefore you can be sure that you will get orders from us. The convenient mobile app will allow you to find attractive orders quickly and customize your own schedule for you. Join us! Cleaning work is waiting for you!