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Due to the very fast pace of our lives, we have to make the choice whether to sacrifice few hours to clean up or to do things really important to us and pleasant. This poses the idea of ordering an experienced cleaner and simultaneously raises a question: how to find a trustworthy cleaner who will provide the highest quality service at a reasonable price? was founded in 2015 as a modern internet platform that connects clients with trustworthy cleaners. When we created our system, we wanted to provide a solution that would allow people to book safe cleaning very fast, from anywhere, at a reasonable price. We also want to show cleaners who are currently working under the table that they can do it legally and still be fairly and well paid.


Jakub Łączkowski

Co-founder & CEO 

Active in the startup market for several years. Before came into being, he was a founder of Kerris Group — specializing in integrated and interactive communication and new technology, which works for the biggest companies in Poland. Graduate School of Economics in Warsaw.

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