Cleaning types

Standard (from 2h)
Deep (from 4h)
Wipe dust off easily accessible surfaces:
- shelves, picture frames, sockets and switches, window sills
- TV & other monitors
- furnitures, door frames
- lamps, vents, under the bed, on the cupboards
Cleaning mirrors
Vacuuming and floor cleaning
Folding visible clothes
Changing bedding & making beds*


Wipe dust off easily accessible surfaces
Washing kitchen countertops
Washing household appliances from the outside
Washing household appliances from the insinde*
Washing or placing dirty dishes in the dishwasher
Emptying the trash/insert a new trash bag*
Vacuuming and floor cleaning
Emptying the trash*
Wipe dust off lamps
Wipe dust off hood*
Wipe dust off cabinets inside


Cleaning mirrors
Wipe dust off easily accessible surfaces
Carefully hanging towels
Washing the brush cup
Washing and disinfection of toilets, shower / tub, washbasins
Emptying the trash*
Vacuuming and floor cleaning
Wipe dust off lamps
Washing bathroom tiles*
Washing the radiator
Wipe dust off cabinets
Wiping dust off the shelves, putting cosmetics in place

Additional services*

Window cleaning

*Services performed at the client's request. Please take them into account when setting cleaning time.


  1. We do not carry heavy furniture
  2. We do not dry clean carpets
  3. We do not wash the walls
  4. We do not remove deep stains and do not clean with steam
  5. We do not clean the gardens
  6. We do not clean in hard to reach places
  7. We do not descale
  8. We do not hang curtains