63 00 zł/h
Ordering one-off cleanings
57 00 zł/h
Ordering recurring orders

At this price you get the highest quality cleaning. Everything is fully legal, so immediately after cleaning you will get an invoice. Besides, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction and safety - we check our experts very carefully before they start working with us.

Our services are insured to the amount of 1 million PLN. If you have any questions or problems with the ordered cleaning, please contact us and we will help!

For last minute orders, placed less than 24 hours before the start of the cleaning, the rate for cleaning services may be higher. The total cost is visible during the ordering process.

Windows and ironing

Our experts can take care of your apartment or office comprehensively. They can clean, wash windows and do ironing, and we charge only for the time of real work. However, remember to choose the right service when placing an order - this will enable us to find the right expert for you.

Cleaning supplies

When placing an order, you can choose a cleaning service including cleaning products. Then the chosen cleaner will come to you equipped with a set of professional cleaning products (it includes: - universal cleaner, - bathroom cleaner, - floor cleaner, - glass and mirror cleaner, - grill and oven cleaner, - rubber gloves, - microfiber cloth, - sponges, - paper towels) that will be used during cleaning, and after the service is completed the cleaner will take them home. The cost of the service for orders up to 3 hours included is PLN 12, for orders over 3 hours - PLN 24.

Our domestic helpers travel using public transport, so we do not deliver large equipment. In case of vacuuming or washing the floor the customer should have: vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, sweeper and dustpan, plastic bowl, iron and ironing board (in case of ironing service).


The disinfection service consists of wiping and disinfecting surfaces in your apartment or office. With a special bactericide/viral disinfectant, we disinfect among others door handles, light switches and switches, contacts, kitchen countertops, bathroom faucets, bathtubs, toilets, keyboards, desks and the most-touched items. The cost of the disinfection in the case of orders up to 3 hours is PLN 12, in the case of orders from 3 to 5 hours it is PLN 24, over 5 hours - PLN 36.


Payment is made online. You have a choice of two methods: you can pay by credit card, for recurring orders, or by using the payment system Przelewy24, for one-time orders. This means that you don't have to remember to withdraw cash anymore, as the whole process is secure, online and from anywhere.

If you pay by card, we'll make a pre-authorization of your credit card while booking and the full payment for cleaning will be charged at the time of its completion. In the case of cyclical order (once a week, twice a week) payments are taken automatically from your card at the time of execution of each cleaning, so you only need to order once and not worry ever again.

Using the secure and fast online transfer system Przelewy24, you pay at the time of ordering (applies only to one-time orders). Please note that by using this method, you lose flexibility. You can not shorten the duration of cleaning, so we advise you to prepare a list of additional tasks that can be done by the cleaner, if necessary.

In both cases, however, you can extend the cleaning time with additional services by editing the order.

Cancellation of order

We know that you can be busy and overworked, and we respect both your and our expert's time. Therefore, if you decide to cancel the cleaning less than 24 hours before it starts, our cleaning person is left without work at this time and that is why we will have to charge a handling fee of PLN 63 gross.